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Re-invigorating your existing brand or new brand?  We combine solid strategic foundations and creativity that builds great reputations and customer experiences.

Identity Design For Batten And Allen On A Vehicle

Your brand is one of the best assets your business has but often, one of the most neglected. Neglect creates tired looking, ineffective and confusing brands that can have a negative impact on your business credibility

We review your whole story from existing visual styles to business aspirations. Then looking into why you exist, we explore what makes you special – and more. Using these results, we establish a solid, business ‘DNA’ foundation and define the right strategy for your brand.

By applying the strategy to our design thinking, we review and create everything from the bottom up. Logo’s are explored, new or existing, business colour scheme, typefaces, image styling and messaging are reviewed and checked to meet the strategic direction. Once we are happy, we provide clear brand guidelines showing you how to maintain brand consistency across all you do and say.

Growth driven branded communications

We support your marketing strategy, delivering strongly branded, growth driven material from the stationery suite, literature, vehicle livery, sign systems, social media, and websites to exhibition material.

We have experience of every brand touchpoint that will support you in delivering powerful customer aligned communication.

A few key facts

The 2018 OnBrand Magazine ‘State of Branding’ report, states; 79% of our respondents say that social and cultural issues will play a significant role in their branding and marketing strategy in 2018, Brands that remain silent risk falling out of favour with customers.

The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study, states that 87% of consumers would purchase a product based on brand values and issues they care about.

The Imperative/LinkedIn study (in 2016), established that 85% of companies with a clear, well-articulated and understood purpose experienced positive growth, while 42% of companies that didn’t, experienced a drop in revenue.

A brilliant service to us during our rebranding project, assisting us through every stage of development from concept right through to implementation, showing patience, understanding and flexibility throughout.

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